Wren gives you the ability to adapt and thereby become resourceful.
To use what is available.
Wrens are noisy and sound much louder than their actual size.
It is overflowing with confidence and will take on other birds
much larger in size.  It is fearless and bold.

It is unlucky to kill a Wren, for these birds
are sacred to the Earth gods and goddesses.

When Wren appears to you, ask yourself these questions:
Am I using all the resources available to me?
Are you displaying enough confidence?
Am I so wrapped up in work that I forget to sing?
Are you living life to the fullest?

Then ask Wren for help with any of these matters and
use Wren as your guide and template.

(Pictured:  Desert or Cactus Wren)


All images are public domain.

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