Protecting Emotions and Spirit


Snail is a reflection of the protective spirits that surround each of us. 
The appearance of a Snail totem in your life reflects
the need to be more protective in your environment. 
Be aware of your surroundings and keep your guard up. 
Think about where you encountered Snail on the way to work?  Near home? 
Call upon your spirit protectors as you walk around the place
where you encountered Snail. 

Snail people are often loners, not very social and often timid. 
Their life lesson will be to learn to trust. 
Learning to balance trust and protection is a difficult lesson;
watch out for the appearance of Snail and back off when he appears. 

Snails also teach us to protect the inner child. 
Snail people often present a hard shell to the world
when they really have a tender heart and strong feelings. 
Watch for Snail and learn who and when to trust.


All images are public domain.

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