Psychic Vision


The Sloth teaches the art of camouflage.
Sloths can turn their heads almost 270 degrees
giving them an uncanny ability to see all
that is above, below and around them.
Because of these abilities the sloth is linked
to the realm of spirit and psychic visions.
Those with this totem often feel out of place on the earth
and have a difficult time fitting into normal society.

Like the sloth they have an uncanny ability to see
clearly and hold strong visionary gifts.
These gifts, however, should be nurtured in a grounded way
early in life in order to fully develop
and be utilized within a given life time.

The tendency to escape from earth reality is common
for those that hold this medicine.
Strong physical exercise can help bring this tendency into balance.

Those with this totem are loners and do not enjoy being in crowds.
If their independence is threatened they become rebellious.
Relationships are challenged when personal space is taken away.

Sloth medicine people usually have a low rate of metabolism
and donít have the ability to ward off illness easily, t
herefore, the strengthening and care of the immune system
can benefit the overall health.


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