Chivalry, Protection

When someone receives a Seahorse totem,
their own sense of chivalry is awakened.
The protection of the young and those
weaker than themselves.

Seahorse people should pay
attention to a "two-week" time period
for their endeavors.


The Seahorse also brings forth a time of romance.
For women, time to choose her mate and for men, a time to seek
out the right woman and court her.

A person with a Seahorse totem should ask themselves these questions:
Is it time to reverse roles: to be the provider or the nurturer?
Do I need to be more responsive to my partner?
Am I providing enough protection for my loved ones?

Seahorses also facilitate contact with Water Spirits
who may take mortals into their favor and under their protection.
Seahorses can be the bridge between the Spirit Water World and the Living World.

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