Ancient Wisdom


Rhinoceros is a solitary animal and teaches how to be comfortable within yourself.
Rhino is the embodiment of the axiom:  "Know thyself!"

Since Rhino is an ancient animals, it often gives it totem people
insight into their own past lives.
Meditating on Rhino can often result in unlocking those memories.
Often how you see your Rhino gives insight into that past life.
Two horned Rhinos come from Africa while one horned Rhinos are from Asia.

People with a Rhino totem have a heightened sense of smell.
The sense of smell is symbolic of higher discrimination, spiritual idealism
and higher wisdom and Rhino gives all of these to their totem people.
Trust your inner wisdom.
Donít look at appearance only Ė go beyond and trust your internal senses.

Rhino will help you see the wisdom in your life.
It has a solidity that will help you put your life in its proper perspective.

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