Scurry, scurry, worry, worry,
Like the hare I run about,
Busy, busy, in a tizzy,
I only hear the voice without.
Quiet, hare.  Do not despair.
The voice within is strong and sure.
If you just listen, you'll learn your mission,
Be confident and self-assured.


Fertility and New Life

The Rabbit is known for its ability to procreate,
its fleetness, and its movement is by leaps.
People with this totem may find that their
endeavors go in leaps and bounds also.

If a Rabbit totem has appeared in your life, it may indicate a need for more planning
or to check those plans already set in motion.
Do not box yourself in a corner.

This totem may also bring a need to examine the kinds of foods you eat.
Perhaps a vegetarian diet, if only for a short time, can help you strengthen and heal.

Rabbit is associated with Eostra, the Celtic goddess of Spring,
and therefore associated with Ostara (or Easter).
This is the reason we celebrate with Easter eggs.
Rabbit is also sacred to the moon goddess Andraste,
the Norse goddess Freya, and the Greek god Hermes.
The Hare is associated with the moon
in many cultures including Native American, Hindi, and China.


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