New Sunshine


Oriole is the symbol of approaching summer or sunshine,
usually within a two-week period. An Oriole totem reflects this symbolism
bringing sunshine (or positive changes) to your life and/or current projects.

When starting any new project, make a prayer stick
using a forked stick.  Paint one fork black, the other orange.
Holding the prayer stick, meditate on the project
and think about what you want the end results to be.
Imagine Oriole sitting next to you while you meditate.

Oriole is associated with the Archangel Auriel who oversees
all nature spirit activity on Earth.
Oriole can open doorways to the nature realm and its spiritual inhabitants.
Where Orioles live, fairies are usually living there also.
Orioles will help you discover your own inner child and a renewed sense of joy in life.

All images are public domain.

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