This is not an easy totem to possess.
Okapi medicine is that of silent truth.
By listening and not reacting,
a person with an Okapi totem can learn
 the truth without fear.
They must learn to remove themselves
from rigid thinking.
However, this ability needs to be developed through meditation exercises.
When developed,
Okapi people can slip through life
unseen and unheard.
If undeveloped, they will appear clumsy
and draw unwanted attention.


The Okapi can also give clairvoyant abilities,
for they see both the present and the near future.
The Okapiís black and white stripes are associated with spirit and form,
density and light and represent polarity on the earth plane.
Those who hold this medicine often carry life lessons relating to polarity.

The Okapi expresses the concepts of "being different, uniqueness and individuality".
This is one of the Okapi's greatest gifts.
It can also draw on different energies as needed making
Okapi people quite versatile in accomplishing tasks.

The Giraffe should also be studied since the Okapi is related to them.

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