Intelligence and Camouflage

All these sea creatures are cephalopods.
They are ancient creatures and have a wealth of knowledge to give their totem people.
All are experts at camouflage –
keep hidden your desire until it is within your grasp.
Since these totems are nocturnal, people who have this totem,
are likely to be more productive at night.



Related to the spiral of life, it is reflective of the mystic center and the unfolding of creation. Octopus people usually have good memories.



The number eight is important – eight is the number of power.

Octopus shows us how to get what we want
in an intelligent and efficient way.
Octopus people can accomplish more than
the average person in the same amount of time.
However, they must be careful to care for themselves while working
and not neglect their basic health.
Housekeeping is not a strong point with Octopus totem people.


People with a Squid totem have the ability to read the moods of others.
They can read body language of those around them.
Squid uses light, color and form to communicate and their totem people have this ability also. Squid people usually blush easily


The symbol of beauty and proportional perfection.
Appearance is important to those with this totem –
but this is not vanity, but environment. 


A Nautilus looks one way from above and another from below -- making it blend into its surroundings.
They have the ability to conserve their living environment
and make it a safe, comfortable place to be.
Nautilus people often have a fascination with architecture
and will be able to see rooms, homes, buildings in a geometric way.
They intuitively sense the sacred geometric in each space.
They know when spaces are “alive” with energy or “dead” and empty.

All images are public domain.

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