New Warmth,
Prosperity and Love


The Kingfisher (the Australian Kookaburra is of this family) is
a symbol of peace and prosperity. 
The Kingfisher is the promise of abundance --
its blue plumage is associated with Jupiter, the planet of abundance. 

People with a Kingfisher totem need to live as near as possible to water
and as far north as possible. 
They have a knack of teaching their children how to enjoy life
and how to prosper at the same time.

If a Kingfisher comes into your life, you might be required
to dive headlong into some activity --
or possibly a new love will enter your life.
No matter what it is, don't be afraid of trying the new. 
Kingfisher will be there to guide you.
You won't drown -- and you will have sunshine, love and abundance!


All images are public domain.

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