Griffin or Gryphon


The Griffon in its mighty form
Stands at the gates between the worlds,
And ushers in the seekers of
Initiation, enlightenment.
The wisdom-filled Doorkeeper
Guards us from the dark sides of ourselves
Until we gain the strength and knowledge
To bring the dark into submission.
Guard and guide me, O great griffon!


Guardian of Hidden Treasures;
Gateway to Spiritual Enlightenment

The Griffin protects hidden treasures and gold mines. 
It has the body of a lion and the head of an eagle
and is sometimes depicted with the tail of a serpent.

Griffon is the guardian to the path of spiritual enlightenment. 

The Griffin is consecrated to the Sun
and is often shown drawing the Apollo's chariot across the sky.
It is the symbol of vigilant strength and dominates both the earth and the sky.

Griffins mated for life and if their partner died, it would continue alone forever.

Depictions of Griffins date back to 5000 b.c. and can be found
in Egyptian tombs and Mesopotamian cylinder seals.
Early Christian saw the Griffin as a symbol of earthy and divine nature.

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