Cunning badger of the forest,
Guide me to wisdom, truth and light.
All injustices against me,
Wipe clean the slate and set them right.


Aggressiveness, Reliance, Self-Expression

The power of the Badger totem is its aggressiveness
and the willingness to fight for what it wants.
This aggression can also be turned 
to healing - for Badger is the keeper 
of Earth's healing herbs.

Badger people are quick to express their feelings
without concern for the consequences.  
They are often healers who have the courage to use unconventional methods.
Badger has the ability to persist to find a cure.

Badger people are often leaders and bosses, 
the one who will get the job done.

If you have a Badger as a totem, you will likely be solitary
but comfortable being alone.
You are comfortable in your own skin and very self-reliant.

Badger anger can get your out of apathy,
but be careful not to cut yourself (or others) to ribbons.
Badger is a powerful totem when used properly.


The images are public domain.

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