Boundaries, Protection, Empathy

Armadillo wears its armor on its back,
its medicine is part of its body.
Its boundaries of safety are a part of its total being.
Adjust your rhythms and senses
and you will know what is safe and what is not. 


Armadillo teaches you how to protect yourself
and when to let your defenses down.

Make yourself a energy body shield using Armadillo medicine.
Make a circle on a piece of paper and see it as a medicine shield.
Write in the circle all the things that you want to have, experience, and give you joy.
This shield will reflect what you are and what you will on an unconscious level.

When you receive an Armadillo totem, it is time to define your space.
You may have trouble saying "no" and are being taken for granted.
Learn to guard your personal space and allow entry only when you want to.


All images public domain.

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