Individual Totem Animals

"W through Z"

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Walrus Animal Totem: Uncovering the Hidden; Psychic Touch

Walrus' greatest gift is the sense of touch - hugging and touching those you love, shaking hands, any form of touching. If you are sensitive, Walrus can awaken a form of psychometry - the ability to sense objects through touch. Hold an object, close your eyes, and feel the object. Run your fingers along its sides and shape. Let images and ideas come to you freely - you just might be able to hear the hidden past. Psychics with the gift of psychometry can touch an item and read the entire past of that object. Some of them can even help find missing people through their gift. For those to whom the Walrus is a totem, there will come opportunities to uncover what is hidden, to find hidden treasures in the things around us. Walrus people have a need to be among likeminded people. They feel safe and comfortable with their own kind (mental and spiritual not physical). Trust in your inner senses and be careful not to become insolated.

Weasel Animal Totem: Stealth

This totem is a difficult power totem to have. It is a rare gift and great ability. Weasel medicine can teach you to find out secrets through the power of silent observation. Most Weasel people are loners, graceful, solitary and silent. They are very intelligent. People do not see their power immediately and often underestimate them. A Weasel totem will awaken your innate ability for observation. Trust your own instincts and you will avoid trouble and pursue your goals to greatest success. Use your Weasel medicine to observe what or who needs attention and offer assistance in your quiet or discreet way. Be cautious in business ventures and dig beneath the surface before committing. Weasel people are fiercely protective of their homes and families.

Whale, Orca, Narwhal Animal Totem: Creation, Power of Song, Inner Depths

A Whale totem teaches you to go deep within yourself to awaken your inner creativity. But they also teach us not to become lost in our creative imagination, but to live in the real world. When a Whale totem shows up in your life, examine your own use of creativity. Apply your own creative intuition to formulas -- this is what imbues them with power and magic. Creativity for the sake of creativity is not what the Whale teaches. It awakens great depth of creative inspiration, but you must add your own color and light to your outer life to make it wonderful. The sound of the Whale teaches us how to create with song.

Wolf Animal Totem: Intuition, Learning, Spirit

This totem brings faithfulness, inner strength and intuition when he enters our lives. But he also brings learning to live with one's self. The wolf teaches us to learn about our inner self and to find our inner power and strength. But to achieve this, we must take risks and face our deepest fears. A wolf totem demands sincerity. This totem demands a lot of us but gives us much in return; a spirit helper that is always there to help and gives us extraordinary powers of endurance. He reminds us to listen to our inner thoughts and trust our insights. They remind us not to waste resources and to learn how to avoid trouble and confrontations. People with Wolf totems have the capacity to make quick and firm emotional attachments. Trust your insights about these attachments. Wolf will guide you. Take control of your life with Wolf's help and do so with harmony and discipline.

Wolverine Animal Totem: Persistence

Wolverine heralds the awakening of passion for life and the ability to absorb all the lessons that come our way. This passion can be a gift or a curse, depending on how it is used. One can be a glutton for food (a detriment) or a glutton for knowledge (a benefit). Wolverine is the keeper of animal secrets. Wolverine teaches us never to surrender, to pursue what we desire until we reach our goals. Honor your Wolverine spirit through silence, discretion and a ferocious appetite for the truth.

Woodpecker Animal Totem: Power of Rhythm

The drumming song of the Woodpecker is the heartbeat of the Earth. When a Woodpecker totem enters your life, it indicates that the foundation is there and it is safe to follow through. It will stimulate new rhythms. It reflects an awakening of new mental faculties. You may be so wrapped up in mental and spiritual activities that you've neglected the physical. Listen to your body's rhythms and sounds and heed what it is telling you.

Wren Animal Totem: Resourcefulness and Boldness

Wren gives you the ability to adapt and thereby become resourceful. To use what is available. Wrens are noisy and sound much louder than their actual size. It is overflowing with confidence and will take on other birds much larger in size. It is fearless and bold. It is unlucky to kill a Wren, for these birds are sacred to the Earth gods and goddesses. When Wren appears to you, ask yourself these questions: Am I using all the resources available to me? Are you displaying enough confidence? Am I so wrapped up in work that I forget to sing? Are you living life to the fullest? Then ask Wren for help with any of these matters and use Wren as your guide and template.

Zebra Animal Totem: Agility, Individuality

Zebra is the totem of individuality; to be part of a group but still retain your individuality. Blending into a crowd without losing your individuality is the power of Zebra. This ability protects it from danger, along with its agility and speed. It is also the totem of working things out. When in an argument, don't add to the fire by being confrontational; rather work towards a compromise that will satisfy all parties. Remember that things are rarely black and white, but they are usually many shades of gray. Zebra gives its totem people compassion and therefore they make excellent therapists and counselors. They can take a step back and see situations in a new light and suggest compromises and solutions. Zebra people are usually confident, balanced and capable.

Wasp Animal Totem: Dreams Fulfilled

Wasp teaches the lesson of fulfilling your role and responsibilities, revealing how to construct and nurturing your dreams. Dreams motivate us, but only through work do they come to fruition. You like to do things your own way, rather than someone telling you what to do. Wasp people are hard workers. Summer and Fall are your best seasons. Recognition for Wasp people comes with maturity and age.

Wombat Animal Totem: Stability, Self-Confidence

When a Wombat shows up, it signifies that you have all the resources need for the changes that are going on in your life, but you might have to dig for them. Speak up for yourself with confidence and self-assurance and treat your listeners with the same, no matter what their reaction might be. Practice good dental hygiene and take care of your teeth. Herbal medicine is best for Wombat people. Wombat people are smart and industrious and have a good deal of determination and perseverance. Call on Wombat when you need steadiness and stability.

Weaver Animal Totem: Building your Foundation

Weavers are noted for their complex and sturdy nests and this is the gift that they bring their totem people: the ability to build a strong foundation for their future endeavors. They also nest in large complexes and can teach you how to get along with co-workers and family, even when they living very close to you. They give the gift of protection through a group of people. They are related to the Finch families and variety is their watchword. They use everything that is available to make their nest. They can show you how to do the same and waste nothing, rather the ability find a use for everything.

Warbler Animal Totem: Expression of ideas and self

Warbler helps you center and focus your energies; how to socialize and enjoy life. It teaches movement, progression and expansion of ideals and endeavors. Warbler will show you to how to diversify and expand your surroundings and feel comfortable in doing so. He can teach how to sing your soul song to achieve what you need to in order to survive. Warbler shows how to endure and use patience and tenacity for your best interests. They are noted for their songs so are you singing to the best of your ability? Warbler shows how to raise your voice with confidence. Are you moving in the direction you need to go? Listen to Warbler, his song of the heart will guide you. Listen carefully to the music.

Whippoorwill Animal Totem: Night and Hidden Secrets

Whippoorwill's nocturnal nature teaches the art of night time movements and camouflage. The art of invisibility may be utilized when he appears. Heightened senses may be activated at twilight, dawn with special emphasis on moonlit nights. Whippoorwill will show that you can be grounded while uncovering what is hidden but it may warrant that you keep a low profile for a time. Art of moving at night and maneuverability; unconscious, subconscious and dreams. It is time to listen to sounds in the spiritual realm and in your surroundings. Are you hovering or circling and ready to accept what you prey upon when it appears? Whippoorwill shows how to adapt to this new phase.

Water Buffalo Animal Totem: Strength, Service, Protection

This is a totem of simplicity and blessings from the land. Water Buffalo gives you the ability to carry great burdens, but be careful that you are not taking on too much that you stop dead in your tracks. Water Buffalo has a deep connection to the Earth Mother. Water Buffalo brings us strength, and reminds us to simplify our life, and see the blessings and bounty all around. He is a great protector, especially of his family. Water Buffalo finds protection in the strength of many, but is also formidable on his own.

Woodchuck Animal Totem -- see "Groundhog"

Willow Ptarmigan Animal Totem: Family, Balance, Gentleness

Willow Ptarmigan demonstrates the strength of family relationships and attachments to others. He shows how to balance masculine and feminine energies whether it be personal or with others around you. He teaches to be overall neutral in actions and be more dominant when needed. Ptarmigan gives instructions on the art of camouflage and blending in. He knows the three stages of change that will ultimately give color to your life. Grounding, movement, timing and letting go of the past are aspects of his teachings. Ptarmigan has high insulating properties as well as teaching how to lightly tread on others emotions. He shows how to walk carefully in mind and spirit. Pay attention to diet; eat more fruit, vegetables and fiber to help integrate Ptarmigan's energy.

Wallaby Animal Totem: Force and Energy, Wisdom

Wallaby teaches how to accomplish a lot but without expending a great amount of energy. He shows you how to use your strength economically but with great force. Wallaby can show us how to serve, and how not to serve the land and the landscape around us. Wallaby is one of the animals that has an innate knowledge of the land and its mythos, it teaches indigenous wisdom, and communion or journeying with wallaby if you hold in your heart respect and humbleness, can yield much. Wallaby teaches us plant wisdom, particularly when it comes to plants and nourishment. A vegetarian diet would be beneficial for Wallaby people. Wallaby teaches us that introversion and quietude are not bad qualities to have, and will benefit us greatly. If we are normally loud or a chatterbox, wallaby tells us to keep quiet, to try speaking when spoken to, to think before we talk.

Waxwing Animal Totem: Selflessness
Waxwing teaches you to give unselfishly and to give even if it is very precious to you. It also teaches you to be gracious while accepting any gift given by somebody else and thank the person in return. Waxwing totem teaches you the selflessness which you should show when passing on something to others for their benefit. It shows you the politeness you should have when you give away to others the thing you have craved for or cherished for so long. The Waxwing sets a fine balance between the will to give and the urge to accept. It is a symbol of both the values of give and take rolled into one.