Energetic Shielding

Often times we are thrust into environments where we are exposed to harsh energies and negative people. Those who are "empathic" are even more susceptible to these experiences. Energetic Shielding can act as an umbrella or buffer around the aura to lessen the future effects of lower energies and negative or overwhelming surroundings.

With the help of the angels, I will give you seven layers of shielding which includes two protection shields, a shield of healing energy, a shield against negative emotions, a magical shield to protect you from spells, curses and hexes, a shield against negative energy and a shield to protect you from negative entities. Only good, loving and healing energy will be allowed though the Shields.

This Energetic Shielding is also excellent for children. If your child is being bullied at school or is hyper-sensitive, the Shielding can protect them and/or can buffer them from outside influences. I highly recommend an Energetic Shielding for a child who is an awakening medium. This can be a frightening time for them since spirits (or ghosts) are attracted to those who can communicate with them - the Shielding will buffer their nascent gift so that the child is not bombarded by the constant influx of spirits trying to reach them.

Using a picture (or if you purchase the Discount Combo Package below, I will add the shielding by phone call), I will create a etheric connection to  the person receiving the Shields through meditating on a picture.  After the connection is made, I will put on the seven Energetic Shields.  I need the full name, date of birth and a picture of the person receiving the Energetic Shielding emailed to me.   After I surround you (or them) with the seven Energy Shields, I will email you and let you know that the process had been completed.  If you would like to meditate with me while I do the Shielding, let me know in an email and we can coordinate times.  I accept payments through PayPal; the button below will take you there.


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