Elementals, Devas, Faeries & Sprites


Elementals are beings that are
made of the four elements:
Air, Fire, Water, Earth

Create a home (or altar) for each of them in the direction of their element.
Light the appropriate candles* and then call in the elements, stand in front of their altars, invoke them, and send your energy to them. After time you will feel them as they lightly touch you and you may even see their light and energy. It will not happen overnight, it make take days or even weeks, but they will come into your life.

Words of Caution

Be very careful when you try to call in an elemental or deva and especially if you try to call in a god or goddess; if you are not sure of what you are doing, you can call in a negative, and possibly, dangerous being. And negative beings can look very beautiful -- and unless you can read them psychically -- can deceive you. Some deities do not appreciate being called in without the proper respect. Make sure that the entities have a place to reside in: a statue, a fountain, a stone, etc. and that the item has been cleansed (under cold running water) and blessed. Be sure that your home is sealed against all evil, allowing only beings of love and light into the circle before you call anything into your space. If you are not sure how to do this, please do not call anything into your space.


Almost everything around us has a deva or spirit in it. Like elementals, they can be welcomed into your home and life.

Deva is Sanskrit for the "Shining One."

Using a digital camera, I captured many pictures of the devas who live in my home and on my porch. These orbs are iridescent globes and the strength of their orb reflects their strength. Elementals are stronger than sphere devas, and so forth.

My two cats, Sammy Jo and my spirit cat, Aphaedra, in orb form. They are always together.

Faeries and Sprites are spiritual beings between man and angels and known as the 'little people' in Western folklore, especially in Celtic areas.

Sprites are the more playful nature spirits, and are not likely to inhabit anything but a tree, a special pond, or any other place that's serene and cool.

Sprites are also some of the most creative of the faekith ... being muses to artists and poets. Sometimes they even decide to bond themselves to a human and stay with them their entire lives; sometimes these Sprites even follow their bonded into the netherworld.

When you have faeries and sprites in your life, your plants will look like this six-year-old Bougainvillea over my California porch with its crown of Morning Glories.


Remember that if you invite elementals, devas, fairies or sprites in your life, you are responsible for them. Think twice about giving or throwing things away. Listen to your heart for the answer. I had a gargoyle statue on my porch that someone stole (woe unto that thief!!) that contained an Earth elemental. All the other Earth elementals were very upset -- the energy around their altar was very negative and heavy. So I bought a smaller gargoyle and placed it inside on the Earth altar and called to the stolen elemental to come to its new home. You could tell immediately by the change in energy that it had returned home, it was just waiting for an invitation. The altar's energy felt happy and complete once more. I was responsible for that entity and had to try to bring it home.

Many people believe that all of these orbs are spirits, but that it not what my guides tell me. While some of them are spirits, most of them are devas. I have also gotten pictures of fairies which appear as bright lights.

Air is intellect, intuition and future goals and dreams. Air is the representation of all that we cannot see: our souls, our spirits, our minds, and our hearts - of that what lies beneath or beyond as some scholars say. Purity of the spirit and the heart, clarity of thought within the mind, focus of intent, unhindered sight, are all under the control of the element of Air. To bring the element of Air into your home, create an altar with white or yellow candles, feathers, wind chimes and incense.

Fire is transformation, cleansing and passion. Fire can give wings of courage, compassion and devotion. Fire is obstinate and heady and absolutely not subtle. It is seen as the force burning inside us, giving us iron willpower to go for our goals. To bring the element of Fire into your home, create an altar with red candles, dragon statues, and amber or carnelian stones.

Water is the emotional healer and shapes our path. Water is often associated with emotions, art, time and especially healing and philosophy. It has the depth of a philosopher's soul and is the inspiration of the artist. To bring the element of Water into your home, create an altar with blue candles, a small fountain, sea shells, fish figurines, and driftwood.

Earth is the physical healer and the keeper of earthly abundance. Earth provides grounding, stability and endurance. Earth is a reliable element, peaceful and tranquil. It is an element busy with the day to day life and problems. To bring the element of Earth into your home, create an altar with brown or green candles, a living plant, a small bowl of salt, and jasper or quartz stones.

Three of my spirit guides who always speak as one voice. It is no surprise that their orb shows three orbs fused together.

A deva sitting on top of a Ganesh statue.

Faeries and Sprites