Candle Magic

Candles focus power. Candles should be in every room in your home. They are your link to the past, the present and the future. They sent your hopes to the Universe and your dreams to fruition. A gifted candle is special so give candles to your friends and treasure those received in return. When burning a gifted candle, always send good wishes to the person who gave you the candle at the moment of lighting it.  Candles can also be used in magic, divination and scrying.

The color of the candle has been an important part of magic for thousands of years. Color focuses the energy of a ritual or spell towards a particular area or desire. The candle's color contains the energy and vibrations inherent for that color. Always use high quality candles so that the color is throughout the candle and not just on the surface.

White candles are used in protection spells, cleansing rituals, and for contacting your higher self. White represents light and clear vision. White is the candle used for rites of passage, such as birth, marriage or welcoming rituals. It is the reason that white is used in wedding ceremonies. White is associated with female energy, moon rituals.

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Red candles are used for strength and physical health. Willpower can be focused through a red candle. Since red is the color of fire, the aspects of Fire are contained in a red candle: change, transformation, rage and passion. Which makes red candles very powerful and should be used with a clear intention and great caution.

Silver is the color of the moon and feminine energies. It helps with divination, for awakening clairvoyant, telepathic and psychometric abilities, for astral projection and intuition. Silver candles represent dreams, visions and the desire for fulfillment beyond the material world. In times of stress and sorrow, silver candles can help remove negatitity and promote inner stability.

Orange is the color of fertility, of creativity and growth, of self-esteem and confidence.  Orange candles are used in career matters where creativity is needed.  Orange is used to integrate all aspects of the personality into a harmonious whole.  Orange candles can be used in good luck spells.

The Importance of Color

Yellow candles encourage activity of all kinds, but especially mental exercise. Use them in rituals to gain another person's confidence and approval (like just before a work performance review). They can also be used to sharpen logic, improve memory and increase concentration. An excellent candle for meditation. They can also be used for spells for a safe journey.

Green candles used in rituals and spells involving emotion and empathy. Green is the color of Mother Earth and is potent for healing, tree magic, growth, and the growth of money. Green candles, when used for money spells, encourage a gradual increase in profits or resources, not a sudden influx of wealth. Remember Earth is slow, therefore, Earth colors are also slow and steady.

Blue is color of healing. Burn a blue candle to discover the truth and receive spiritual guidance, when dealing with officials and seeking justice. Blue candle are used for mental expansion, success and the increase of possibility. They offer protection during travels. Blue offers calm in the midst of turmoil - burning a blue candle will make a room feel calmer. When offering healing to Earth, visual blue energy and use blue candles (if needed).

Purple candle rituals provide a link with higher dimensions and can bring happiness to all who yearn for something beyond the material. They aid in meditation, past-life work, scrying, astral travel, and psychic protection. Purple candles can be used to reveal the truth, for healing the spirit, and banishing what lies in the past. Purple is the color to use when remembering those who have crossed but still much loved.

Pink candles are used for the gentler aspects of love (not passion -- that would be red), romance, affection, and friendship. Pink can be used to heal wounded emotions, for a quiet night's sleep, and for the mending of quarrels. Pink candles can rekindle trust and for new relationships. Pink is feminine energy and can be used for most female rituals.

Brown candles can range from pale fawn to rich rust or golden brown. Brown candles are used to find lost objects and all rituals involving home, hearth, family, practical matters and pets. Brown is the color of Mother Earth and therefore, brown candles are grounding, balanced and protective. They are used to bring success through hard work, financial security and creating a strong foundation. Brown is a nurturer color and is the natural focus for maternal matters, instincts, and acceptance of others with all their faults and weaknesses. Brown energy can either be male or female, depending on their use.

Grey candles are used to create an aura of invisibility around you. It is the color for reaching compromises and erasing negative feelings. Grey candles emit a neutral energy and can be used at any time of the day or year.

Black candles are used in banishing magic, for leaving behind old sorrows, and for parting rituals.  Black is the color of acceptance, whether it be accepting your own flaws or the flaws of others.  Black candles are not inherently evil -- it is all in the intent.  If your spell is set with good intent, then the candle, whatever the color, is also good.

Anointing your Candle

Pour a small amount of virgin olive oil, joboba oil, or almond oil into a small, clean glass or ceramic dish and gentle swirl it nine times clockwise with your finger, visualizing white light pouring into the oil and endowing it with healing and magic.  Taking your candle (new and unlit) rub the oil into the candle, starting in the middle, in an upwards motion -- and only in that direction.  Not up and down, but up the candle from the middle.  Concentrate on the purpose of the candle and what it will be used for.   After you've gone around the entire candle, then do the same for the bottom half of the candle, using only a downward motion.  Using your fingers to do this charges the candle with your personal power and infuses it with your intention.

A Mid-Winter Money Spell

Collect as many coins as you can, any denomination, and place them in a clear glass or jar.  Place a smaller amount of coins into a small pottery jar with a lid.  On the full moon, about an hour before dusk, put 3 white candles, 3 red candles and 1 large gold or silver candle on a table in a semi-circle with the gold/silver candle in the center.  Put the clear money jar in front of the gold/silver candle.  Light a stick of incense (bay, cedar, juniper or rosemary) and place on the table to the side.  Light your gold/silver candle and circle it will coins from the pottery jar.  Light the rest of the candles, placing a coin from the pottery jar in front of each after it is lit.  Make sure that the candle's light shines on the coin in front of it.  When all the candles are lit, say:

Light of the sun, increase what now I have, so that I may have sufficient and a little more for myself and the needs of my loved ones.  Money grow and increase with the sun and the moon.

After dark, extinguish the candles one by one, except for the gold/silver candle.  Return all the the coins that are in front of the red and white candles to the pottery jar.  Leave the gold/silver candle burning in a safe place.  After daybreak, put the coins that are around the gold/silver candle into the pottery jar.  Leave both jars in a warm place for one full moon cycle.  At that time, give the money in the clear jar to charity and spend the contents of the pottery jar on something for the home.  Continue your money jar collections through the year, putting a few coins into the jars every so often.  Each full moon, spend the coins as specified.

A Yule Completion Candle

Light a large, gold candle once a night for one hour from the Yule (or Winter Solstice) (Dec. 21) to the Full Elder Moon (the first full moon after Yule) (Jan. 9) -- The candle symbolizes abundance in all things.
Around the candle place items that symbolize things you want in abundance in the upcoming year: for example, a coin for money, a small cracker for food, a couple of vitamin capsules for health, etc. -- as long as the items symbolize for you the things that would want, they will work. Remember to think about what you want when you light the candle each night. This way you are setting your intent for the coming year.

Use an orange candle if the job deals with the creative side of business (such as website creation or art work) or with people (such as sales); use a yellow candle if it involves logic, business or the media; use a brown candle is the job is a practical one – if you are unsure, use a white candle.

Focus on what you want. And make it precise. “I want to be the day manager at Joe’s Diner.” Or “I want an extra $100 per month in salary.” Write this down on a piece of paper. (If you are looking for a job and have several jobs in mind, repeat this spell for each one of them.)

Anoint the candle with Cinnamon or Peppermint essential oil – see the candle as a magnet and anoint it upwards from the center of the candle to the top (the North Pole) and then from the center to the bottom (the South Pole). As you rub the oil into the candle, repeat the desire you’ve written on your paper over and over. Endow the candle mentally with those words.

When you feel that you are ready, light the candle and look into the flame, visualizing the moment of the job offer or the raise, hear the words, feel the handshake – the more real you can make the visualization, the more power it will have.

When you feel that you have reached a good visualization, blow the candle out. Put the piece of paper next to it and repeat this ritual once a day until it brings fruition.

Attracting a new job or a promotion