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With the help of Anubis himself, I offer a reading with past, present and future guidance. I do not shuffle and deal cards into a spread; instead I connect to Anubis and through him, I connect to you. After completing the connection, I run my fingers over the cards in the deck. My fingers will tingle when I reach the correct card. The reading will be sent to you via email in a Word document. All I need is your full name.  I accept payments through PayPal; the "buy now" button will take you there.

The Egyptian Oracle is a guide to the shamanic mysteries of ancient Egypt that live within all of us. It is a place of mystery, roots, ancestral wisdom and love - and the home of neteru, the deities of the Egyptian Pantheon, who can guide us to the answers we seek. The Oracle is the elder of modern-day Tarot.

The Oracle is the key to the unconscious mind. It is an outward manifestation and representation of other worlds and planes of existence. Anubis is the opener of the way to those worlds and therefore, I use the Anubis Oracle cards to do these readings.